By Ju (October, 24th 2021)

Graphic / GUI

Always in beta but already stable

You need to copy xcash-wallet-rpc.exe from the CLI folder and paste it in xcash-official folder, then restart the desktop wallet as administrator

How to install

If you have downloaded a previous version of the GUI wallet, make sure to delete xcash-official folder in your C:/Users/{username} folder on Windows or in your home folder on Linux or OSx.


  • Download the corresponding .zip folder on this release for your OS.
    Unzip and…

By Ju (Septembre, 26th 2021)

/!\ WARNING /!\

First of all, be very careful with the faucet websites you try to get free $MATIC from because there are many scams on the internet that will try to steal your coins and tokens, instead of providing you with free $MATIC!






bahasa Indonesia

Important Links

Important Links

X-Cash Community

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